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Jenny Korn is a feminist activist of color for social justice and scholar of race and gender in mass media and online communication.

Korn is the Founding Coordinator of the Race+Tech+Media Working Group at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. An award-winning author with numerous publications, she has given 100+ talks as invited keynote presentations, university guest lectures, interactive community education, and refereed conference presentations. As a public scholar, Korn has been quoted in interviews with CNN, Colorlines, Fox News, National Public Radio (NPR), South by Southwest (SXSW), U.S. News and World Report, and more.

While at Harvard, Korn will examine identity and representation through online and in-person discourses, focusing on how popular concepts of race and gender are influenced by digital interactions, political protest, and institutional kyriarchy.


Oct 19, 2017

How Facebook Tries to Regulate Postings Made by Two Billion People

Berkman Klein Center hosts a day of conversation about reducing harmful speech online and hears from the Facebook executive in charge of platform moderation policies

The Berkman Klein Center community explores broader research questions and topics related to the challenges of keeping tabs on the daily social media interactions of hundreds of…



A year of 'wins' for Asian American representation in movies and TV

BKC Affiliate Jenny Korn discusses the focus on the intersectional identities of Asians in media from last year.

Mar 1, 2024
GBH News

Has Asian representation in film improved with ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’?

BKC Affiliate Jenny Korn sits down with GBH News to discuss whether the success of “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” means that opportunities for Asian actors have paid off.

Mar 10, 2023
Journal of Social Computing

Connecting Race to Ethics Related to Technology: A Call for Critical Tech Ethics

Jenny Korn pushes for the creation of "critical tech ethics" as a way to improve technologies, including the Internet, and reduce the propagation of ongoing racial injustices.

Dec 1, 2021

A 2020 Roundup Of Asian Representation In Film And TV

Jenny Korn discusses Asian representation in film and TV in 2020

Sep 25, 2020

#BlackLivesMatter saw tremendous growth on social media. Now what?

Jenny Korn discusses the use of #BlackLivesMatter on social media

Jul 2, 2020

#AsianAugust, One Year Later

Has the momentum of #AsianAugust continued in the way fans and critics had hoped?

Aug 16, 2019


Apr 17, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

Honoring All Expertise: Social Responsibility and Ethics in Tech

featuring Kathy Pham & Friends from the Berkman Klein Community

Learn more about social responsibility and ethics in tech from cross functional perspectives featuring social scientists, computer scientists, historians, lawyers, political…