Feb 20 2007 12:30pm to Feb 20 2007 1:30pm

Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice in Jamaica

Charles Nesson and Kevin Wallen

Kevin Wallen and Prof. Charles Nesson spoke at the Berkman Center on Rehabilitation and Restorative Justice in Jamaica's prisons. Nesson and Wallen were joined by June Jarrett, Chief of Staff in the Department of Corrections of Jamaica, and Gile Campbell, Head of Rehabilitation in the prisons.

About Kevin

Kevin Wallen, a Berkman Affiliate, is working with the government of Jamaica in a program called Students and Staff Expressing Truth (SSET), that addresses human development in the prisons and problems of re-entry when inmates are paroled. To date, SSET boasts a zero recidivism rate. Nesson says  "Think of SSET as a strategy for the 'society' part of Internet & Society, with potential far beyond Jamaica."

About Charles

Please see Charles Nesson's biography.

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