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H2O Playlists Public Beta Release

H2O Playlists Public Beta Release

Berkman H2O Team

Berkman's own H2O Project presented the latest technology to promote open curricular exchange -- H2O Playlists.

In music, the playlist lets everyone share their expertise with friends and networks online. At the Berkman Center the H2O team is extending this communal mapping of music to the world of information and educational resources. H2O Playlists are a series of recommended books, articles, media, or blogs that collectively inform users on a subject, current event, or academic course. They serve as guided explorations of the vast amounts of material online by your favorite sources -- experts and amateurs alike. They also provide everyone online with access to the "bookshelves" of world-renowned scholars, authors, and cultural leaders, and in doing so, help democratize the processes of sharing and acquiring knowledge worldwide.

While H2O Playlists officially launches this fall, the H2O team wants to bring together a group from our extended Berkman community for discussion and feedback before the first release. You can check out the playlists at:

Past Event
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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H2O is a Web-based platform for creating, editing, organizing, consuming, and sharing course materials.