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BKC Faculty Associate Ethan Zuckerman discusses the fate of Twitter and the future of digital public squares.

"I'm really interested in getting small. I think that a lot of the healthiest online spaces that I encounter...are small groups of people working on a common topic, working on a common project, and I think getting to the point where we don't think of ourselves as being on Facebook or on Instagram or on Twitter. But we see ourselves as being part of a number of different conversations. That's what interests me, and so I wanna start building tools that make it possible for people to have and manage a whole bunch of conversations at the same time...And then I can think, we can think about that question of how do we scale from those small conversations to the issues that we wanna discuss in bigger spaces. But first, I actually think getting the small spaces right is an unsolved and really helpful part."

Listen in on WIRED.

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