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The Internet Is Ruined. The Metaverse Can Still Be Saved

BKC Affiliate Micaela Mantegna spoke about avoiding mistakes made with the internet in the metaverse.

"Harassment and other issues have inevitably crept into these spaces. Technology will be misused, Mantegna says, and it’s crucial to start thinking early on about ways it might be abused. Right now, there’s a huge lack of transparency around how the metaverse will work. Any system using algorithms, for example, is vulnerable to bias, whether it impacts economically disadvantaged users, people of color, marginalized communities, or others. It’s also still unclear what the metaverse’s true ecological impact will be. And then there are the sticky questions about surveillance and data privacy. “How are we going to ensure we are not being manipulated in these spaces?” Mantegna says."

Read more in WIRED.

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