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Stuck in the Mud: How a Tiny, Beloved Driving Game Sparked a Bizarre, Decade-Long Feud

Micaela Mantegna spoke to IGN about the Spintire controversy.

"Given how confounding this entire investigation has been, I spoke with video game lawyer and Berkman Klein Center Harvard Affiliate Micaela Mantegna to get her perspective on this entire chaotic saga. When I asked Mantegna what possible resolution might be available to both parties given everything that’s happened, she questioned the legal process entirely:

“'My question would be how good the market for Spintires is [such that it’s] valuable enough to justify such expensive litigation. The best [thing] for everyone would be a private settlement that allows them the exploitation of commercial rights to the work. There is no benefit for any of them in sustaining costly and lengthy litigation.'”

Read more at IGN.

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