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Cyberlaw Clinic and EFF publish Guide to Legal Risks of Security Research

Kendra Albert and Sunoo Park authored a Guide to Legal Risks of Security Research, co-published by the Cyberlaw Clinic and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The Guide gives the most comprehensive presentation to date of this landscape of legal risks, with an eye to both legal and technical nuance. Aimed at researchers, the public, and technology lawyers alike, its aims both to provide pragmatic guidance to those navigating today’s uncertain legal landscape, and to provoke public debate towards future reform. 

Sunoo Park (HLS JD ’21, MIT PhD ’18) is a cryptography scholar and Harvard Law School student who enrolled in the Cyberlaw Clinic in fall 2019, during her 2L year. Kendra Albert is a Clinical Instructor and leads many of the Clinic’s projects relating to security research.

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