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Digital Contact Tracing: A Primer

Digital Contact Tracing: A Primer

How Data Can Support Contact Tracing, Explained by BKC's Jonathan Zittrain

Contact tracing is crucial to slowing the spread of COVID-19 – and technology can enhance traditional efforts. In part one of a new video series, Professor Jonathan Zittrain provides a concise primer on digital contact tracing – specifically, contact tracing work that concerns the identification and notification of exposed people. He explains both the challenges and how several different technological solutions – particularly, the Bluetooth Low Energy exposure notification service released by Apple and Google (GAEN) – might help, and introduces some of the key considerations pertinent to smartphone-based solutions with respect to efficacy, privacy, public adoption, and public trust.

Jonathan Zittrain is a Co-Chair of the Berkman Klein Center’s Digital Pandemic Response Working Group, a group of experts advising decision makers on ethical, legal, and policy questions related to the development and implementation of digital tools and data to combat the pandemic. He is also a professor of law, computer science, and policy at Harvard University and Co-Founder of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

Useful Resources:

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  8. Jonathan Zittrain, “Is Digital Contact Tracing Over Before It Began?,” (June 25, 2020)

This work is part of the BKC Policy Practice: Digital Pandemic Response

Special thanks to former and current BKC staff John Bowers, Adam Nagy, Lydia Rosenberg, and Hilary Ross and to the team at Tank Design.

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