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'Another Marielle Franco Shouldn't Die': A Film Memorializing Slain Brazilian LGBT Activist

A documentary by Leonard Cortana, Marielle's Legacy Will not Die, about Marielle Franco, will be screened at KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival and was featured by News 18.

“I truly believe that our generation of media makers need to find ways to mobilize transnational networks of advocacy and solidarity… This is part of the legacy work too. Protecting the persons that follow the steps, be behind them, support them online and offline. We should never undermine the social and emotional cost of their reality on the field. There is real ethics of collaboration to be thought of and it is hard to put in place, it needs a strong organization, access as well as fast dissemination. But, as a start, let's find ways to circulate stories of figures, events, and fights," Cortana said.

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