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Julia Reda testifies before Senate Sub-Committee

In late December, BKC fellow Julia Reda argued that the entertainment industry would likely start to lobby the U.S. legislature to cherry-pick elements of the new E.U. copyright directive in order to "harmonize the level of copyright protection.” 

On March 10, Reda testified before the Senate Sub-committee on Intellectual Property, which was holding a series of hearings on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, with one session dedicated to "Copyright Law in Foreign Jurisdictions: How are other countries handling digital piracy?" 

Julia Reda testifies before U.S. Senate Sub-Committee

“Article 17 does not fit the U.S. context very well because Europe has the collective bargaining culture, whereas in the U.S., contractual freedom is much more important,” Reda said. 

Watch Reda’s testimony (beginning ~1:10:45); Read Reda’s testimony, and Read more on the BKC Medium Collection 


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