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YAM Instagram

Collage by Elsa Brown and Andres Lombana-Bermudez

This article describes a podcast collaboration by BKC's Youth and Media team, Andres Lombana, Sandra Cortesi, Alexa Hasse, Sonia Kim, and former BKC interns, Tanvi Kanchinadam, Quinn Robinson and Skyler Sallick. The research and podcast focus on understanding youth activity and representations of identity on Instagram and other social media sites. 

"Whoever thinks that everything is clear now. No, little is clear. Because there's so much more out there besides Instagram, Snapchat and Co, including Vero, a social media app that promises to be ad-free, or the global video community Tiktok, a portal for very short movies with the function of a social network.

"Nobody knows what the next big thing is. But knowledge is as fleeting as never before. Anyone who thinks they understand youth is soon taught otherwise. They are unpredictable, networked, diverse, and on the move. The marketing genre even refers to 'liquid youth' or a 'lost generation' because it is no longer easy to address.

"Such categories help little. But we need to be aware that we are not completely disconnected only if we constantly strive to understand, talk to, and listen to the youth."

Read more at Aargauer Zeitung (in German)...

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