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Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform

Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform

We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform developed by the Harvard Open Access Project. TagTeam allows users to manage open, tag-based research projects on any topic, provide real-time alerts of new developments, and organize knowledge for easy searching and sharing. Unlike other tagging platforms, it lets project owners guide the evolution of their tag vocabulary in a process it calls folksonomy in, ontology out.

The upgrade has more than 20 major new features. For example, every TagTeam hub now displays statistics about hub activity. Hubs can now create filters to supplement a given tag (for example, “mexico”), wherever it occurs in the hub, past and future, with a second tag (for example, “latin_america”). And users can now search for project usernames alongside tags and keywords in boolean searches. For other examples, see the TagTeam version history at the link below.

These new developments will support projects already running on TagTeam, including the Open Access Tracking Project from Harvard Open Access Project.

TagTeam has attracted a growing number of research projects since 2012 and now supports 200, almost entirely by word-of-mouth. “For the first time, TagTeam contains enough of the originally-envisioned features to justify us in promoting it widely. That’s very gratifying," says Peter Suber, who launched the platform and oversees its development. "We encourage every open, crowd-sourced or tag-based research project to create a hub on TagTeam and see how it can help them.”

TagTeam is a part of the Harvard Open Access Project, which is supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and based at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.


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TagTeam version history

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TagTeam is an open-source tagging and feed aggregation platform maintained as part of the Berkman-based Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP).