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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

L. Kelly Fitzpatrick

Research Associate

Kelly Fitzpatrick is a Research Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society collaborating with the Library Innovation Lab (LIL) on the Caselaw Access Project.

Kelly began at the Berkman Klein Center in 2016 as part of the Harvard Open Access Project, and continues to work on how we share research and data online.

Before arriving at the Berkman Klein Center, Kelly's prior work ranges from building university websites to digitizing medieval law texts. Kelly graduated with a B.A. from Hampshire College in 2013 and an M.S. from Simmons College School of Library and Information Science in 2015.

Projects & Tools

Harvard Open Access Project

The Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP) fosters the growth of open access to research, within Harvard and beyond.


TagTeam is an open-source tagging and feed aggregation platform maintained as part of the Berkman-based Harvard Open Access Project (HOAP).


Dec 17, 2018

Berkman Klein Center Reaffirms Open Access Policy

A Look Back on Open Research Practices

Two decades have passed since we first began using open practices to distribute, communicate, and connect our scholarship with the world

Aug 28, 2018

Major upgrade for TagTeam, the open-source tagging platform

Announcing a major upgrade to TagTeam, our open-source tagging platform

Jan 15, 2018

Communicating Use and Reuse in the Digital Collection Interface

In Communicating Use and Reuse in the Digital Collection Interface, Kelly Fitzpatrick explores how institutions are identifying open access content in digital collections: "How…


Library Innovation Lab

Browse the Bookshelf of U.S. Case Law

Announcing the CAP Case Browser

Jul 11, 2019
Library Innovation Lab

Launching CAP Search

The Library Innovation Lab launches a new interface to search data made available as part of the Caselaw Access Project

Apr 2, 2019

A Journey Though the Space Jam Website’s Hidden Layer of HTML Comments

The HTML comments that create this layer of the Space Jam website vary in function, from guides to a digital space to declarative statements, distributed from its main navigation…

Dec 2, 2018

Searching, Browsing, and Filtering Open Access Content in Digital Collections

A look at the user interfaces of 4 different online libraries

Aug 9, 2018