Openness and Restraint

Structure, Discourse, and Contention in Saudi Twitter

December 10, 2015

“Openness and Restraint: Structure, Discourse, and Contention in Saudi Twitter” is the eighth in the Internet Monitor special report series, which focuses on key events and new developments in Internet freedom. The report maps and analyzes the structure and content of the Saudi Twittersphere and identifies the communities that coalesce around different political, religious, social, and cultural topics and viewpoints:

This study of the Saudi Twittersphere offers a detailed view of public sentiment and provides insights into the overall structure, discourse, and communities of the network. We look into how users take advantage of the fact that Twitter is an unfiltered media platform to advance their political and social causes. We also examine three case studies centered on issues that received extensive attention on Twitter at the national level during the course of this study.

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