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The ‘Special Status’ of Kashmir’s Internet Must Go

The ‘Special Status’ of Kashmir’s Internet Must Go

“Jammu and Kashmir is currently in the process of witnessing one of the most comprehensive ‘information blackouts’ in India’s modern history,” according to an Op Ed from The Wire.

Internet Monitor’s 2017 report, “The Shifting Landscape of Global Internet Censorship” report,” informs the current situation. The BKC report found that a sharp increase in web encryption and a worldwide shift away from standalone websites in favor of social media and online publishing platforms has altered the practice of state-level Internet censorship and in some cases led to broader crackdowns.

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Jun 29, 2017

The Shifting Landscape of Global Internet Censorship

An Uptake in Communications Encryption Is Tempered by Increasing Pressure on Major Platform Providers; Governments Expand Content Restriction Tactics

Documenting the practice of Internet censorship around the world through empirical testing of the availability of the world’s most-trafficked and influential websites.