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The Torts Game

Defending Mean Joe Greene

Book Description, from Amazon:

Use this short secondary text with any torts casebook to give your students a demonstration of the practical dimensions to tort law alongside the doctrine they are already learning. The Torts Game is ingeniously designed to engage student interest as it reviews key topics.

This new coursebook vividly illustrates the realities of tort law:

- uses real world case involving Charles "Mean Joe" Greene to work through torts doctrines
- provides four modules that address intentional tort, the interplay between intentional tort and negligence, employer liability and insurance dimensions
- each module familiarizes students with primary materials
- designed to fit with existing torts assignments
- helps students understand both the strategic and the ethical choices attorneys face in preparing cases

This unique text brings students as close to actual practice as any book can. Give your students an unforgettable introduction to Torts by adopting The Torts Game for your next class.