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Tim Hwang

Tim Hwang is a research associate at the Berkman Center for Internets and Society. He is involved in coordinating Professor Yochai Benkler's emerging work on the levers of cooperation and assists the Internet and Democracy project on technology issues. He also provides support to the Center's MediaCloud and Herdict projects. Previously, he worked on the editorial staff of Berkman Fellow Jonathan Zittrain's book "The Future of the Internet -- and How To Stop It." His research interests include online community, the history of internet culture, innovation studies, and market architecture.

Outside of Berkman, he is the founder of the internet culture/celebrity conference ROFLCon, runs an ongoing series of increasing self-referential podcasts, and currently blogs about the Information Superhighway and pop culture at the USBFB. He also serves as a board member for the Harvard chapter of Students for Free Culture.

Photo by Joi Ito and licensed under Creative Commons.

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