Reynol Junco

Rey Junco is working on the Youth & Media and the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence projects at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. He was previously an associate professor of education and human computer interaction and the director of the Junco Applied Media Research lab where he led social technology user experience research as well as investigations of how those technologies influence young adult psychosocial development, interpersonal interactions, and learning. A methodologist and statistician, Rey has pioneered the use of passive data collection methods in order to predict behavioral, noncognitive, and learning outcomes. He is particularly interested in examining the social impact of AI systems, especially on underrepresented populations.

Rey has written about how online anonymity impacts youth identity formation, how passive data collected from the use of digital textbooks can help predict academic performance, as well as how Minecraft can be used for educational purposes and to support girls' interest in STEM careers. Rey is the author of three books, with the latest Engaging Students Through Social Media: Evidence-Based Practices for Use in Student Affairs focusing on translating interdisciplinary research findings to effective educational practices. He tweets at @reyjunco, can be found at, and blogs at

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May 2, 2018