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Max Neu is a serious-games producer, educator and researcher, working on the intersection of media education and political education. His work highlights the immense potential of games and play as tools for fostering civic engagement, media literacy, and data literacy — within formal and non-formal educational settings alike. He is currently working on a collaborative classroom game that revolves around the intricate realms of data collection and predictive algorithmic technologies. Through complex-system learning, the educational goal of this project is to encourage participants to become discerning, active contributors in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Max holds a Masters degree in Games and Media Education from Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule in Jena, and is a board member of Landesverband Kinder-und Jugendfilm Berlin e.V., (Foundation for children and youth Film). His game EZRA, a classroom-optimized computer-game devoted to the topic of civil engagement, won the German computer Game Prize in 2022 in the category of Serious Games.