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Lauren Chambers is a Staff Technologist at the ACLU of Massachusetts, where she uses data for legal and legislative advocacy. Driven by the social, legal, and political expertise of her colleagues at ACLUM, Lauren explores government data in order to inform citizens and lawmakers about the effects of legislation and political leadership on our civil liberties.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, she has shifted her work to focus on tracking and understanding the disparate effects of the pandemic using data, studying vulnerable populations like incarcerated folks and essential workers. Other projects she has pursued at ACLUM include analyzing the Boston Police budget in response to nationwide calls to #DefundPolice, advocating for regulation of government facial surveillance, and investigating statistical methods for evaluating racial profiling in traffic stops. 

Lauren received her Bachelor's degree from Yale in 2017, where she double-majored in astrophysics and African American studies. Her undergraduate African American studies thesis, “A Different Kind of Dark Energy: Placing Race and Gender in Physics” examines how physics and astronomy theory and praxis are influenced by race, gender, and identity. After graduating, Lauren spent two years in Baltimore supporting NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope mission as a software developer.  


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ACLU calls attention to Mass. police shootings

Lauren Chambers discusses an ACLU map that highlights incidents of police violence.

Sep 30, 2020