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Jessica Meyerson is Deputy Director for Educopia Institute where she is chiefly responsible for ensuring smooth implementation of the organization’s strategic direction. Specific activities include overseeing program development and evaluation; support and development for members of the team; fundraising; cultivating strategic partnerships; ensuring that the opportunities the organization undertakes build measurable capacity within the organization; and upholding Educopia’s reputation as a trusted partner that promotes positive change at the field level. Jessica connects intentionality in daily practice to system-level change, and cares about co-creating cultures that embrace humility, curiosity, and appreciation for one another’s lived experience.

As a professional facilitator, community cultivator, and applied researcher, Jessica partners/facilitates/learns alongside multi-stakeholder groups of all sizes across geographies, sectors, disciplines, and professions to better understand:

*the ways that collaborative communities emerge, mature, and transform
*the ways that information flows between people over time,
*the ways that groups produce knowledge together, and
*what our infrastructures say about who we are and what we value"