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Claudio Ruiz is a digital strategist, internet rights, and open content advocate.  Claudio Ruiz's work focuses on the connection between digital spaces and human rights. He currently works at Creative Commons, working on developing strategies for a global network, monitoring open policies, and creating opportunities for cultural institutions to develop open policies for their collections. In 2003 he founded Derechos Digitales, an independent non-profit digital rights organization in Latin America where he serves as a board member.  

As a Berkman Klein fellow, Claudio will research the role of technology in digital archives for preserving and helping understanding social memory in an ever-changing and transient digital environment. He will try to address questions related to technology development, preservation of digital and ephemeral but critical political works, the role of copyright and open access, and the role that Museums and other cultural institutions play for archiving our political memory in times of hypertext. His research will try to address those connecting technology, political action with regulation.