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Benjamin Eidelson is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He writes and teaches primarily in the areas of constitutional law, antidiscrimination law, statutory interpretation, administrative law, and legal theory. His recent work includes “The Etiquette of Equality,” Philosophy & Public Affairs 51.2 (2023): 97-139, “The Incompatibility of Substantive Canons and Textualism,” Harvard Law Review (forthcoming 2023) (co-authored with Matthew Stephenson), and "Patterned Inequality, Compounding Injustice, and Algorithmic Prediction," American Journal of Law and Equality 1 (2021): 252-276. Eidelson’s main interests relating to the work of the Berkman Klein Center concern algorithmic discrimination and the regulation of artificial intelligence. He is also interested in lawyers’ and law professors’ use of technology, and he is the developer of a macOS application, “Case Viewer,” that aims to provide fast, frictionless access to freely available versions of judicial opinions.