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Beth Ames Altringer Eagle

Faculty Associate

Professor Beth Altringer Eagle runs the joint Master of Arts in Design Engineering at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design and has over a decade of international experience as an award-winning designer, educator, and entrepreneurial leader. Her interdisciplinary background includes product design, behavioral science, taste research, and engineering education.

In her design practice, she works directly with CEOs and other C-level personnel to develop ideas that can have a lasting impact. She's taken the lead in developing, managing and executing innovative ideas, products, research, data visualization, UX, and design programs for top-tier lifestyle, hospitality, technology, design and consumer goods clients, including: Uber, Gucci, Puma, Kering, Swarovski, General Mills, Daikin, Tesco, SAB Miller, Diageo, Piaggio, IKEA, Disney, EY, Rapid7, Microsoft, Google, GE, Intel, IDEO, JWT, Bosch, Deloitte, Nokia, FIFA, Binx, ANZ, PWC, and more.

Previously, she completed a Ph.D. from Cambridge University and postdoc at MIT before joining Harvard’s engineering faculty, where she spent 10 years leading multidisciplinary design and engineering courses and programs with Harvard's design and business schools. She has published and received teaching awards in design and engineering, made art pieces held by prominent collectors, holds two technology patents, and is a trained supertaster (finalist in the 2008 Left Bank Bordeaux Cup competition at Château Lafite-Rothschild and winner of the 2009 Science Politique International Tasting Competition at Maison Bollinger). After a decade of casually exploring how to train amateur tasters at scale, in 2019, she developed and launched the first flavor game, Chef League, using NLP and machine learning to enable players to understand and combine flavors in a competition with professional chefs.



AI and Ethical Design

Beth Altringer of Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences & the Graduate School of Design

Beth Altringer discusses how to design AI systems with ethics in mind.

Jan 11, 2017