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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.

An Xiao Mina was an affiliate researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and a 2016 Knight Visiting Fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, where she studied online language barriers and their impact on journalism.

An Xiao Mina is on a digital sabbatical and infrequently checking emails.

Mina has spoken at venues like Creative Mornings, Harvard Law School, the Personal Democracy Forum, the International Journalism Festival, UC Berkeley, ACM SIGCHI, and AspenFILM at the Aspen Institute, and she has contributed writing to publications like the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Atlantic, Nieman Journalism Lab and New York Magazine.

She is also co-founder of The Civic Beat, a global research collective focused on the creative side of civic technology. They have led workshops and exhibitions in spaces such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Mozilla Festival Open Artist Studio (curated by the V&A Museum and Tate Modern), the Asian Art Museum, the Museum of the Moving Image, the ACLU and RightsCon, and they've been producing what Net Monitor called "the cutest map of the internet"—a world map of animal memes in collaboration with over a dozen internet culture researchers. 

Mina is author of Memes to Movements: How the World’s Most Viral Media is Changing Social Protest and Power (Beacon Press, January 2019).



The Atlantic
Aug 30, 2018

How Misinfodemics Spread Disease

In this piece for The Atlantic, Natalie Gyenes and An Xiao Mina write, "Researchers are finding more and more that online misinformation fuels the spread of diseases such as tooth…


Harvard Public Health

Fighting Misinfodemics

How online misinformation can fuel epidemics such as Ebola virus disease and measles

May 30, 2019
Nieman Reports

How Hashtag Culture Influences International Conversations

In her new book "Memes to Movements," An Xiao Mina explores how people from a historically overlooked nation such as Uganda are able to drive the conversation on issues in…

Jan 16, 2019
Data & Society

An Xiao Mina: Memes to Movements

Databite No. 117

A global exploration of internet memes as agents of pop culture, politics, protest, and propaganda on- and offline

Jan 9, 2019
Columbia Journalism Review

Memes counter disinformation, spread awareness of pollution in Beijing

An excerpt from Memes to Movements: How the World’s Most Viral Media Is Changing Social Protest and Power

Jan 8, 2019
Foreign Policy

The War Torn Web

A once-unified online world has broken into new warring states.

"Digitalpolitik," is an emerging tactical playbook for how governments use their political, regulatory, military, and commercial powers to project influence in global, digital…

Dec 19, 2018
MIT Technology Review

Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley

Shenzhen flooded the world with cheap gadgets. Can it now become what Silicon Valley never did — a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing?

Dec 18, 2018
Pacific Standard

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has Mastered the Politics of Digital Intimacy

Should there be a public archive or public record of a politician's social media as soon as they become a public official?

Nov 30, 2018
The Next Web

Snap, share, eat: The decidedly human reasons we're obsessed with amateur food photography

“I think it’s important to understand photos on social media as not just documentation, but also a mode of discourse.”

Nov 23, 2018's 2018 Word Of The Year Is "Misinformation"

Watch these experts help explain “Misinformation” in 2018

Nov 22, 2018
Fast Company

Trump has Twitter. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is winning Instagram

“What’s striking about Ocasio-Cortez’s style is just how digitally native it seems."

Nov 6, 2018
New York Magazine

An Xiao Mina on the Internet cold war

An American internet rife with hyperpartisanship and stratified along race, gender, and class lines, versus a Chinese internet tranquil and free of abuse

Oct 25, 2018
Newsgeist 2018

Reality Television & Geopolitics

An Xiao Mina talks reality television and geopolitics at Newsgeist US 2018.

Oct 18, 2018
the Atlantic

That Merkel Photo Is More Like a Meme Than a Renaissance Painting

On the meme'ing of international diplomacy

Jun 11, 2018


Mar 23, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

Fake News, Concrete Responses

At the Nexus of Law, Technology, and Social Narratives

Join us for a special Harvard Law School-Berkman Klein Fake News Lunch Panel moderated by Martha Minow, Dean of Harvard Law School

Mar 21, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

The Things of the Internet

with Berkman Klein Fellow, An Xiao” Mina

What sorts of objects do new forms of hardware culture enable, and what role does the internet now play in all steps along the way, from ideation to sales to manufacturing to…