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Alvand Salehi

Alvand "Alvin" Salehi is a Senior Technology Advisor at the White House and the co-founder of, the nation's primary platform for sharing and improving government software. Under the Obama Administration, Salehi led the development of the country’s Federal Source Code Policy with the goal of saving millions of taxpayer dollars by cutting wasteful spending on duplicative software acquisitions. Following the policy's publication, Salehi launched with US CIO Tony Scott to improve nationwide access to the government's software. He now oversees the growth and development of the code sharing platform, which leverages the power of open source software to maximize federal cost savings and fuel tech innovation.

Prior to joining the White House, Salehi helped lead the State Department’s efforts to expand Internet access to Africa and improve global market access for US technology companies. He also served at the Advanced Research Projects Agency, which invests in transformative, cutting-edge technologies on behalf of the federal government.

As a research affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center, Salehi is passionate about exploring the impact of open source software on economic efficiency, code security, and tech innovation across the country.