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Fifteen Lessons from the Berkman Fellows Program

Fifteen Lessons from the Berkman Fellows Program


This report was funded by the Ford Foundation, long a supporter of the Berkman Center programs and events, to explore what makes the Berkman Fellows program successful. The aim is to derive lessons that can be applied to other institutions. 

We approached writing this report as a journalistic task, interviewing a cross-section of fellows, faculty, and staff, including during a group session at a Berkman Fellows Hour. From these interviews a remarkably consistent set of themes emerged.

The Fellows Program has evolved over time. We focused on the current state of the program in this report, using past experiences only to illuminate success factors and opportunities for growth.

It was written by David Weinberger, a former fellow (2004-2009) and current senior researcher at the Center and member of the Fellows Advisory Board, with active collaboration of Berkman staff, fellows, and faculty. 

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