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GO ASK A.L.I.C.E: Turing Tests, Parlor Games, & Chatterbots

Tonight at Harvard: Please join us for a special panel with Daniel C. Dennett, Tufts; Fox Harrell, MIT; John Searle, UC Berkeley; Peter Galison, Harvard; Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard & the Berkman Center for Internet & Society; and Sophia Roosth, Harvard.

“Can machines think?” This was the question Alan Turing posed in his influential 1950 paper, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.” Toward answering this question, Turing proposed a parlor game in which an interrogator would converse with two individuals, trying to determine which was the human and which the computer. If the interrogator mistook the computer for the human, that computer could be said to “think”.

The event take place this evening (11/29) at 5:30pm ET in Bartos Theater, Science Center 469. More information can be found here.