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Digital Natives: flash mob fun

The week's -- exuberant -- installment in the Digital Natives Reporters in the Field series takes us to a silent dance party at Boston's Faneuil Hall. Here is "Internet Draws Masses for ‘Silent Dance’ Experiment" as presented on the Digital Natives blog:

In this week’s video, Diane Kimball and Sarah Zhang take us into the world of the “silent dance experiment” - a silent, synchronized dance party which, with the help of the Internet, drew throngs of people from all over Boston, the US, and the world to Faneuil Hall in Boston in February.

Such “flash mob” happenings have picked up in popularity over the last few years thanks to the publicity they have gained through blogs, online event pages, and most especially Facebook. Of the event in Boston, one site wrote, this “silent dance party involves a large group of people assembling at a given area on a pre-decided time. They mill around inconspicuously, and at the signal (in this case, an airhorn), insert their headphones into their ears, hit play on their portable music player and start dancing as passersbys confusingly look on as a swarm of people dance in silence.”

You can check out this hilarious, spontaneous production below:


Enjoyed this video? Look out for more Reporters-in-the-Field productions every week.


Stay tuned for more Reporters in the Field episodes that, by doing and creating, explore the themes of the Digital Natives project and of John Palfrey and Urs Gasser's just-published Born Digital. And join in the exploration by commenting in text or video on the Digital Natives blog or YouTube channel.

Also on the horizon!
more Born Digital book release talks / parties in:

  • Washington, DC, 10/15, details TBA
  • Chicago, 11/12, details TBA

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