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Investigating in-group bias in the 2008 Democratic primary

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society is pleased to announce the first publication to emerge from the weekly seminar of Berkman’s interdisciplinary Cooperation research project:

Dynamic remodeling of in-group bias during the 2008 presidential election, by David G. Rand, Thomas Pfeiffer, Anna Dreber, Rachel W. Sheketoff, Nils C. Wernerfelt, and Yochai Benkler.

Read the abstract and download the paper from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences at, and check out the full press release.

As always, we invite your feedback and comments.

Over time, this study will be joined by other formal outputs from the Cooperation project. For more information, visit

Congratulations to our colleagues and collaborators on this intriguing new paper!


Earlier this week we announced the publication of a set of case studies that is topically -- politics -- related, though methodologically distinct. The Internet & Democracy project, in association with the Research Center for Information Law at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, has added new papers to its series of critical investigations into the Internet's impact on democracy and democratic processes: Three Case Studies from Switzerland: Smartvote, Electronic Voting, and Political Communication, by Urs Gasser, James Thurman, Jan Gerlach, Richard Staeuber.

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Dynamic remodeling of in-group bias during the 2008 presidential election

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