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Blogging, Journalism & Credibility: Battleground and Common Ground

Beyond Broadcast 2006: Reinventing Public Media in a Participatory Culture

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You are invited to an open convening at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

The goal of this convening is to create an opportunity for interaction between active participants in traditional public media and new participatory web-based efforts; to showcase and discuss the latest projects and models emerging faster than anyone can keep track of; and to cultivate a shared understanding of the potential and meaning of a renewed public media role.

Day two of the convening will be the Open Media Developers Summit, inviting open discussion of related technology and themes from day one and beyond.

Throughout we will explore the thesis that traditional public media - public broadcasting, cable access television, etc - face a unique opportunity to embrace new social media models - podcasting, blogs, social software, etc - and create a stronger and more vital public service.

In addition to presentations and discussions of the topics at hand, we intend to incorporate media presentations (screenings of video, film, audio, web), demos of new tools and models, and a gathering of engineers and technologists meeting together to discuss their work down to the code level.

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Open Media Developers Summit II
Day two of the convening will be the second Open Media Developers Summit, focusing on technology through open discussions and demos. The first one took place at NYU in October, 2005, and this convening provides an opportunity for a second meeting of this group in the context of the larger conversation. Visit the page from the first summit.

Schedule and Discussion Topics
Details are currently being finalized in the convening wiki

This is a collaborative project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School along with Public Radio Exchange, the Center for Social Media at American University, New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, the Project for Open Source Media, and the Center for Citizen Media.

The convening planning is led by Jake Shapiro, Steve Schultze, Susie Lindsay, Colin Rhinesmith, Tim Halle, Shawn Van Every, Dan Gillmor, and Pat Aufderheide

Registration & Fee
REGISTER HERE- We are charging a nominal pre-registration fee of $50.00 to help cover costs. Registration is $75 day-of. You may also wish to add your name to the growing“planning to attend” list.

In the wiki
participate in convening planning with us:

This convening builds on related conversations taking place over this past year in the public broadcasting, technology, policy, and foundation communities. In particular, the Ford Foundation has recently launched a 5-year $50M initiative titled “Strengthening Public Media: Global Perspectives in a Digital Age”. The Center for Social Media at American Universityhas started a “Future of Public Media” program. The Center for Digital Democracy has held a series of public media ‘caucuses’around the country. Strategic discussions have been held between public broadcasting executives and technologists, entrepreneurs, and citizen media makers. The first Open Source Media Developers Summit took place in November 2005 at New York University. The Integrated Media Associationtackled these topics in Seattle at the annaul gathering for public broadcasters. The Berkman Center has fostered related several projects and discussions, including Global Voices, the Public Radio Exchange, Radio Open Source, the Digital Media Project, and the forthcoming Citizen Media Center from Dan Gillmor.

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