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Who will be on the map of 21st century public media? Register for Beyond Broadcast 2008: Mapping Public Media, June 17, Washington DC!

Each year, Beyond Broadcast explores the evolution of participatory digital public media. This year's theme is Mapping Public Media: How are media makers using online mapping and visualization tools to tell stories and engage communities? What can those same tools reveal about changes in the public media landscape? Roundtable discussions, demos and attendee-driven networking sessions will examine emerging trends.

Panelists and speakers will include:

  • Dennis Haarsager, chief executive officer of National Public Radio
  • Henry Jenkins, director of the comparative media studies program at MIT
  • Jan Schaffer, executive director of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism
  • Ernest J. Wilson III, board member of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Calvin Sims, Ford Foundation program officer and former New York Times foreign correspondent

The conference will also highlight participatory public media and mapping projects, including hands-on demonstrations of projects from the Center for Locative Media, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Green Map System and PBS Kids, among others. A full list is available on the Beyond Broadcast website,

Register now!

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