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Charles Nesson advances University in a Google world

Charles Nesson advances University in a Google world

Find a comfortable chair and pop the corn. As part of the Berkman Center’s ongoing tenth anniversary celebration, Berkman@10, we’re retrieving some classics from our multimedia archive and adding them to our new YouTube channel.

Last week, we re-presented Lawrence Lessig's fall 2000 debate with Jack Valenti on the future of intellectual property.

This week, a more recent offering: on February 22, 2007, Charles Nesson spoke before the Harvard University librarians at a luncheon hosted by Professor Sid Verba, then Director of the University Library. Nesson's talk inaugurated the conversations that culminated in last May's Internet & Society conference, University: Knowledge Beyond Authority. Nesson's articulation of his concept of University, and its symmetrical, co-foundational relation to cyberspace, proposes that the future of the Internet is the future of University. In Nesson's vision, cyberspace and University share an idea of openness that must be defended against other institutional forces on the Net. A practical piece of this defense was set in place this February with the announcement of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science's unanimous vote on open access.

Without further ado...the key, first several minutes...

(Watch Nesson's full presentation to the Harvard librarians)



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