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CMLP Launches New Legal Guide Section: Intellectual Property

CMLP Launches New Legal Guide Section: Intellectual Property

The first cut of the Citizen Media Law Project's in-depth Legal Guide is nearly complete! Last Friday's release of the section on "intellectual property" adds an essential area of law to this extensive resource. The section on "risks associated with publication" is in the works. Together with CMLP's unique Legal Threats Database, the Legal Guide provides invaluable information for anyone engaging in online speech. Get involved!

From the Citizen Media Law Project blog...

Back in January, we began rolling out the Citizen Media Law Project's Legal Guide. So far, we've published major sections of the guide covering Forming a Business and Getting Online, Dealing with Online Legal Risks, Newsgathering and Privacy, and Access to Government Information. This week we are excited to announce that we've published the section on Intellectual Property, which explains various intellectual property concepts, including copyright, trademark, and trade secrets, and provides practical advice about how to use the intellectual property of others and protect your own work from exploitation.

If you're not attending, you can always tune in to Berkman's live stream at 12:30pm tomorrow, May 6, for a luncheon talk from the Citizen Media Law Project's David Ardia, Sam Bayard, and Tuna Chatterjee. They'll be giving us an update on all the CMLP goings-on and thinking through ways to improve their resources, e.g., their Legal Threats Database, and involve the community.

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