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CMLP Launches New Legal Guide Section: Access to Government Information

The Citizen Media Law Project's in-depth Legal Guide continues to grow! Yesterday's release of the section on "access to government information" significantly expands this already extensive resource, and there are more sections on the way.

From the Citizen Media Law Project...

Back in January, we began rolling out the Citizen Media Law Project's Legal Guide. So far, we've published major sections of the guide covering Forming a Business and Getting Online, Dealing with Online Legal Risks, and Newsgathering and Privacy. This week we began rolling out the section on Access to Government Information, which highlights the extensive amount of information available through government sources and explains how both traditional and non-traditional journalists can use various public access laws to gather and make effective use of this information.



Speaking of government, information, and access, we hope to see you tomorrow evening for Lawrence Lessig's talk on building the Change Congress movement.

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