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This is a Berkman Klein alum page. The information below may be out of date.
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Archived Biography:

As Communications Coordinator, Mary worked on a variety of Berkman Center projects, particularly those involving writing and communications.  She focused on editing for the Digital Media Project, writing and editing the Filter, creating Berkman Briefings, developing audio features for AudioBerkman, and serving as press contact. 

Mary graduated from Harvard College with a concentration in History of Science in the Mind, Brain, and Behavioral Studies program. After college, she lived in Seattle, Montgomery, and Los Angeles before returning to Boston.

Projects & Tools


Berkman Briefings

Berkman Briefings is a reading series sponsored by the Berkman Center that provides background information about major questions related to Internet policy, technology, and law.


Oct 3, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Diebold vs. The Bloggers

When the National Archives needed new vaults to protect the country’s most precious documents – the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights – it…

Aug 11, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Averting the Internet Meltdown

The eye-catching conference title, Preventing the Internet Meltdown, brought a number of experts and Internet pioneers to Los Angeles recently to discuss the future of the…

May 26, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Inside the Courtroom - The Music Industry Takes on the Uploaders

The Berkman Briefing, Inside the Courtroom, gives a firsthand look at Wednesday's hearing in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts for one of the nearly 3000 lawsuits that the…

Mar 28, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Interacting at Interactive - Social Networks at SXSW

"Social Networks" was the hot topic at this year's Texas-based Internet conference, SXSW Interactive. The conference brought together leaders and innovators in the field on online…

Feb 18, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Rip, Mix, and Burn - Lessig's Case for Building a Free Culture

In a low-lit auditorium at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig leaned against the podium and clicked a remote…

Feb 6, 2004

Berkman Briefing: Free Software, the Gospel

If Eben Moglen's recent address at Harvard could be condensed to bumper-sticker format, it might read: Free Software, It isn't just source code—It’s a way of life. Moglen is a…

Feb 5, 2004

Berkman Briefing: SCO vs. IBM - Questioning the Kernel

I went to see Darl McBride’s presentation, “Defending Intellectual Property in the Digital Age,” because I wanted to learn more about his company, SCO, and its challenge to open…

Jan 23, 2004

Berkman Briefing: WSIS – Conference Hype or Lasting Change?

In terms of size alone, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was a stunning achievement: 11,000 official participants representing 176 nations convened in Geneva for…