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Jamaica & Restorative Justice

Jamaica & Restorative Justice

Charlie Nesson & Members of his Evidence Class

Berkman Center co-founder and Harvard Law School Professor Charlie Nesson discussed his Winter Term Evidence class's project on Jamaica, the Internet, and restorative justice. The class's project ties in to the Berkman Center's larger project in Jamaica, a long-term initiative toward rehabilitating countries hurt by globalization. The project's focus is work with the Jamaican corrections department and Roots FM Community Radio, using digital technology to improve rehabilitation programs for the Jamaican prisons and, more broadly, as an educational and developmental vehicle in that country. Prof. Nesson was joined by some of his Evidence students.

Harvard Crimson Article "Carter Storms Law School"

Berkman Center Jamaica Project

Winter 2006 Evidence course wiki

Prof. Nesson's blog

Past Event
Jan 23, 2006
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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