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Humanities Studio 4: The Mixed-Reality City  Spring 2015

Jeffrey Schnapp and the metaLAB team
Primarily for Undergraduates
Half course
(spring term).
Hours to be arranged

Throughout its history, the modern city has been constituted by overlapping, intermixing realities across built form and imagined space, individual experience and collective memory, embodied sensation and digital mediation. Often, these multiple realities are invisible or illegible, with certain narratives dominating particular environments. However, realities always leave traces-across film, music, design, literature, and the practices of everyday life-to be excavated and reconstructed. The Mixed-Reality City is an exploratory research seminar and workshop in which students pursue studies of the dream lives of cities through means and methods emerging in the digital arts and humanities.

Note: Humanities Studios are project-based courses designed to foster translational thinking. They combine in-depth research, design thinking, and hands-on training with digital tools and media in an environment that involves sustained cross-disciplinary teamwork. At once practical and experimental, Humanities Studio courses renew the relevance of the critical and narrative tools of the arts and sciences for a world in which technology is a means of inquiry.