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Whistleblowing Infrastructure Workshop

Whistleblowing Infrastructure Workshop

The Applied Social Media Lab (ASML), in partnership with Harvard’s Institute for Rebooting Social Media (RSM) at the Berkman Klein Center, invites engineers, designers, policy experts, civil society advocates, and entrepreneurs to a one-day workshop to imagine new technology for supporting whistleblowers. 

Participants will collaborate with the Institute faculty and the ASML team to produce a survey document that outlines concrete deficiencies of current whistleblowing systems; the document will also propose designs for new technological approaches and human-level processes that will improve the lived experiences of whistleblowers. The document will provide helpful guidance as ASML ramps up its engineering and broader collaborative efforts in the whistleblowing space and other areas of public interest tech. In addition to producing this survey, the event aims to nurture a professional community focused on (re)building social media to serve democracy and the public interest.

Join in person OR virtually on March 6th, from 11 AM to 4 PM EST. Note: The format and timing of this workshop (fully virtual or entirely in-person) will be crafted based on the cohort’s availability and interest. See application form for more details.

Application Deadline: February 17th
Cohort Confirmation: February 21st

More information and registration here.