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'People were sucked into schemes': Inside Molly White’s campaign against crypto

BKC affiliate Molly White spoke about her interests, web3, & blockchain.

"I'm hoping to keep doing what I'm doing. I feel like the site has been pretty successful in tempering some people's expectations. The goal of the site is not really to change the minds of the bitcoin maximalists and crypto evangelists who are pretty sold on crypto, but to encourage average people who are seeing the advertisements and seeing the stories about people becoming millionaires overnight to just take a second look at it and consider that maybe they're not seeing the whole picture.

I’m just trying to make as much impact as I can as far as where this industry might go, how unregulated it might be allowed to continue to be. My goal is to just try to make a difference in what I see as a concerning direction of both the web and technology in general."

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