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Open Access Resources on Digital Self-Determination

Open Access Resources on Digital Self-Determination

At the outset of the Digital Self-Determination Research Sprint, the primary goal was to create a living syllabus developed throughout each session by the contributions of session leaders and speakers but also by the participants. The leaders and speakers would contribute some fundamental questions, challenges, and opportunities represented by understanding and deploying the concept of digital self-determination, while the participants would create learning artifacts that embodied different examples, case-studies, and contextual considerations. Taken together, the nine sessions could create a meaningful collection of learning materials that others could learn from and build upon. This approach would allow the work of the Research Sprint to not just live on but also to embody some of the key elements of digital self-determination, such as agency, transparency, and inclusion.  

As the Research Sprint team scoped out the idea for the living syllabus, they also realized there was an opportunity to make a useful contribution towards promoting the conversation on digital self-determination by having participants research and build out the first Wikipedia entry on digital self-determination. Here again, by having participants work together, share research, and collectively build this entry, the participants were excited to consider the level of agency and autonomy involved in both generating the entry and also placing it on Wikipedia, a place where others will also be able to contribute to and engage in further representing its meaning and impact. 

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