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Hyunjin Seo and Sarah Newman collaborating on NEA-funded project

Hyunjin Seo and Sarah Newman received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts “to turn challenges, biases and pressures women face while transitioning from incarceration back to society into an interactive artistic exhibition for the public.” The collaboration, entitled "Returning: Community-Based Visual Art Experience Involving Women Transitioning from Jail or Prison” draws on Newman’s work with metaLAB and Seo’s work with incarcerated women.

“We are aiming to facilitate conversations about structural barriers and societal biases facing women transitioning from jail or prison,” Seo said. “These women face challenges including lack of access to technology, financial resources and health care. The reason we wanted to focus on interactive visual media is to make the project very community-based and engaging. I know from my previous research and interactions with the women that they are interested in art projects and creative and accessible ways to tell their story.”

Read more about the project and Read the release from NEA