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Lumen Comments on Copyright and Transparency for EU Meeting

Lumen Comments on Copyright and Transparency for EU Meeting

Christopher Bavitz and Adam Holland joined an EU meeting to discuss the importance of data transparency in takedown regimes and key learnings from the Lumen Database. 

The EU is currently conducting a series of meetings and dialog between various stakeholders regarding the national implementations of Article 17, one of the new pieces of EU Copyright law. Art. 17 addresses "Use of protected content by online content-sharing service providers"

The Stakeholder Dialogue (art. 17(10)) is its 2nd phase (3d and 4th meetings): fact-finding about specific practices & tools. Lumen, as an aggregator of copyright takedown notices,was invited to give a short presentation on December 16th, 2019, addressing the project's perspective and experience, along with commentary on observed trends,and highlights of empirical research relying on Lumen data. Other presenters included Facebook, Seznam, Wattpad, Audible Magic, BEUC, GESAC, ICMP (Universal), EPC (Ardito project), FEP, Bertelsmann and Telefonica.

A slightly longer written version of Lumen's remarks, including citations, can be read on the Lumen Blog. A PDF of the remarks can be found here, and the recording of the livestream of the day's events can be found here. Lumen's participation begins at approximately 4:00:00 into the recording.

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