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The Role of Professional Norms in AI Governance

The Role of Professional Norms in AI Governance

Some Observations and Outline of a Framework

In a forthcoming chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Ethics of AI (edited by Markus Dubber, Frank Pasquale, and Sunit Das), BKC's Urs Gasser and Carolyn Schmitt offer a work-in-progress framework for conceptualizing and hypothesizing about the role of professional norms in the governance of AI.

"In a nutshell, our discussion acknowledges that professional norms can only play a limited role in governing AI governance and are certainly not sufficient responses (some of our earlier reflections on layered governance here), but also points — we’re (still) optimists, after all — to some interesting “bottom-up” dynamics that demonstrate their potential as a reservoir of contextual norms that might fuel a range of accountability mechanisms for AI."

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