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God in the image of white men: Creation myths, power asymmetries and AI


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BKC Fellow Sabelo Mhlambi writes on dissolving myths about expertise in AI by putting the voices of the marginalized at the forefront of decision making processes at every step of the way, especially in AI that mediates human affairs. 

"The urgency to meaningfully address algorithmic injustices especially as they disproportionately negatively affect marginalized communities is missing just as much as the urgency to diversify the thought leaders and institutions shaping the discourse on ethics of AI and its governance is missing," Mhlambi writes. "All humans of conscious must answer humanity’s call to work in removing inequality in all its forms and the myths that perpetuate it. Well intentioned people and institutions must understand there are many experts from marginalized communities who are both willing and able to articulate their experiences and provided with the necessary support can lead a path forward. The homogeniety of expertise must by challenged as simply a myth."

The myth ends when we acknowledge in words and deeds that there is no progress without including the expertise of the marginalized leading the conversation on dismantling inequality.


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