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Facebook Hires Up Three of Its Biggest Privacy Critics

"For years, critics have taken aim at Facebook's privacy missteps, from the Cambridge Analytica scandal to this week's revelation that Facebook has paid people—including minors—to let it spy on all of their online activity, potentially even including their encrypted private messages. Which makes it a potentially very big deal that over the last several weeks, the company has quietly hired three prominent privacy advocates, all outspoken critics, ostensibly to help right the ship.

"In December, Facebook hired Nathan White away from the digital rights nonprofit Access Now, and put him in the role of privacy policy manager. On Tuesday of this week, lawyers Nate Cardozo, of the privacy watchdog Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Robyn Greene, of New America's Open Technology Institute, announced they also are going in-house at Facebook. Cardozo will be the privacy policy manager of WhatsApp, while Greene will be Facebook's new privacy policy manager for law enforcement and data protection."

David O'Brien, assistant research director for privacy and security at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society reflects on what these hires might signal for the company. "I have to think they would not have accepted these roles at Facebook without being assured their contributions would be taken seriously."

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