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Global AI Dialogue Series: Seoul

Observations from Seoul Workshop, June 23, 2017

Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society in collaboration with K Governance and Media Lab and the Digital Asia Hub

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved from an academic research project to a notable force that is shaping and transforming industries, societies, and the lives of individuals with unprecedented opportunities for development and growth. But the speed of AI development and the uncertainty that accompanies its uses also provoke questions related to fundamental values such as autonomy, agency, and accountability. In parallel, the knowledge gap between small group of AI experts and the large population affected by these “black box” technologies is widening and creating misconceptions regarding AI that might hinder its adoption.

The Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, in collaboration with its international partners, is bringing together a global community to provide leadership, define the agenda, and drive change in emerging areas of AI ethics and governance research and practice. In convening the first of a series of Global AI Dialogue Series workshops—a part of the larger Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund (AI Fund)—we sought to host a truly global, open, inclusive, and evidence-based dialogue aimed at identifying opportunities as well as challenges related to AI that need to be addressed from an international perspective.

Given that the development of AI in Asia is quickly outpacing the rest of the world, this first workshop sought to draw out and discuss distinct global issues as raised from an Asian perspective. In partnership with KGM Labs, WeWork Euljiro, the Digital Asia Hub, and other partners, our invitation-only workshop governed by the Chatham House rule brought together 35 stakeholders representing government, industry, civil society and academia from China, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

The purpose of this memo is to share initial observations synthesized from the workshop, distill broader themes, and compile insights that emerged across the various sessions.

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