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Past Project

Internet Radio Initiatives

We are engaged in three initiatives to explore new possibilities in Internet radio: Whole Wide World, the Berkman Radio Project, and the Public Radio Exchange.

Christopher Lydon's Whole Wide World

We are collaborating with Berkman Fellow Christopher Lydon to produce Internet radio content centered on themes consonant with our mission, as well as to provide an online forum for use by the Internet audience.

The first radio series, "Whole Wide World," focuses on decoding the riddles of globalism. Says Lydon: "We're one global species in a peck of global trouble. We live in a single, shrinking stewpot of culture, climate, viruses, medicine, money, terror, and TV images. Help us sort the trends that could kill us from the ones that could make us stronger, maybe wiser."

We invite you to visit the Whole Wide World website to learn more.

Berkman Radio Project

The Berkman Radio Project (B.R.P.) is an initiative to provide college radio with a community forum for the discussion of new technologies and tools to help deploy those technologies. Through community feedback, B.R.P. strives to understand problems facing college radio stations endeavoring to deploy new technologies and to deliver the tools and expertise that can be employed to overcome those problems. B.R.P. is currently focused primarily on the technological and legal challenges presented by the opportunities college radio faces.

We invite you to visit the Berkman Radio Project website to learn more.

Public Radio Exchange

The Radio Exchange is an online service for peer-review, acquisition, and distribution of public radio content. The Radio Exchange provides a forum for lively critique and dialogue about the substance, creativity, and value of public radio programs and pieces, helping stations make informed programming decisions, build contacts with established and emerging production talent, and exchange material around special projects and interests. For producers, The Radio Exchange creates a robust platform to present work for peer-review, audition, and distribution to stations and other content acquirers.

While the Berkman Radio Initiatives are no longer active as a unified project, the Public Radio Exchange has gone on to becoming a thriving nonprofit organization.  We invite you to visit the Public Radio Exchange website to learn more.


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Public Radio Exchange

The Public Radio Exchange is an online marketplace for distribution, review, and licensing of public radio programming.