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1. Promote Multi-Directional Mentorship and Learning
In promoting a community of practice, DPSI encourages learners of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to learn from one another. Students can teach, as well as learn from, their co-participants, including other students, staff, faculty, and fellows at Harvard University.

2. Pursue Institutional and Issue Diversity Through Interdisciplinary Work
Outreach to diverse groups will ensure that DPSI incorporates various approaches to and perspectives on digital problem-solving. Teams consist of members of various fields, schools, and positions within the University, fostering critical and imaginative engagement with individual projects while building bridges across institutional units and among individuals.

3. Encourage Fluency in Digital Literacies
In today’s world, it is increasingly important for learners to become fluent in various digital literacies, in order to fully participate in society. To that end, DPSI seeks to foster digital fluency, exposure, and skillbuilding for students and community members.

Pilot: Use Cases and Mentors

This page briefly describes the key personnel involved with the pilot and summarizes the project teams' focuses and activities. Links to documentation...

Get Involved: Harvard Community

If you are a non-student affiliate of Harvard, such as a staff member, fellow, faculty member, or university official, there will be ways for you to l...