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Media Re:public: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

Media Re:public: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

Overview paper, issues, case studies


The Media Re:public series was put together over the course of a year of examining the news media in the U.S., engaging with journalists, bloggers, citizen journalists, public broadcasters, publishers, advertising networks, researchers, technologists, and many others. It highlights the need for a new public conversation about reinventing journalism in the public interest. This inclusive conversation should aim to build on the best from all areas -- the energy of participatory media and the expertise of professional journalists, the competitive drive of commercial media and the commitment to excellence of public broadcasters, the dedication and deep knowledge of community organizations and advocacy groups and the interests and energy of public. The project was supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Visit the Media Re:public paper series download site for access to:

Overview paper: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age (Persephone Miel, Robert Faris)

Issues: 1) International News: Bringing about the Golden Age (Ethan Zuckerman); 2) Principles for a New Media Literacy (Dan Gillmor); 3) Public Broadcasting and Public Affairs: Opportunities and challenges for public broadcasting’s role in provisioning the public with news and public affairs (Pat Aufderheide, Jessica Clark, with editorial participation by Jake Shapiro); 4) Digital Media, Democracy and Diversity: an Imperfect Discourse (Ernest J. Wilson III); 5) Pride of Place: Mainstream Media and the Networked Public Sphere (John Kelly); 6) Editors -– the best is yet to come? (Tom Stites); 7) A Typology for Media Organizations

Case studies: 1) iReport: Participatory Media Joins a Global News Brand; 2) The Gothamist Network: Gateway to Local News? 3) The Forum, Deerfield, NH: Seeking Sustainability in Hyperlocal Journalism; 4) The Chi-Town Daily News: Creating a New Supply of Local News